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Other Recognition Impairments

We have focused our discussion on prosopagnosia, but there are many other types of recognition impairments. Many of these impairments have been documented in very few individuals, so we have little understanding of these conditions. The conditions listed below are a few that are related to the identification of people, places or objects.

Agnosias - A number of cases have shown normal recognition for some types of objects and impaired recognition for other types of objects. One of the most common divisions is between animate and inanimate objects, but other dissociations have been reported.

Topographagnosia - An inability to navigate or to spatially orient oneself in an environment. Interestingly, prosopagnosics often report that they get lost very easily. See this page for more information

Delusional Misidentification - This refers to a group of disorders each of which involve a belief that the identity of a person (or object) has been altered. Capgras syndrome and Fregoli syndrome (see below) are both of this type.

Capgras Syndrome - Delusional belief that familiar acquaintances have been replaced by imposters.

Fregoli Syndrome - The belief that different people are in fact the same person changing appearances.

Intermetamorphosis - Physical appearance may radically change to that of someone else.

Neglect - Inability to attend to one-half of the visual field or to one-half of an object.

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