Tirta Susilo

Postdoctoral Associate
Dept of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Dartmouth College
Moore Hall 6207
Hanover, NH

email Bagus.T.Susilo [at] dartmouth.edu

+1 (603) 646 9630

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I study face perception as a window into the origin, development, and architecture of the human mind and brain. My work can be organized into five topics:

1. The nature of face representation

Most humans excel at recognizing faces across large changes in appearance and retinal images. What is the nature of representations that give rise to this ability?

2. Prosopagnosia (face blindness)

Prosopagnosia is an acquired or neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by face recognition deficits despite largely intact vision and normal intellect. What is the nature of this condition, and what can it tell us about normal face perception?

3. Domain-specificity in face perception

One of the oldest questions in psychology asks whether the mind is a general-purpose machinery or whether it consists of many modules each specialized for a particular function. Are there specialized mechanisms for faces?

4. Lifespan development of face perception

Infants and children acquire the ability to recognize faces naturally without formal instructions. What is the origin, development, and lifespan trajectory of face perception ability?

5. Face perception and real-world outcomes

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but humans frequently evaluate faces on traits important for behavior. Do evaluations of attractiveness, competence, athleticism etc. from the face predict outcomes in the real world?