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1. Do you believe that you have face recognition difficulties?
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2. Please describe some incidents in which you have been unable to recognize others.
3. How do you typically recognize others?
4. When did you realize that you might have face recognition problems?
5. Have you ever experienced head trauma, amblyopia (lazy eye), cataracts, severe untreated myopia, or other serious visual problems?
6. Do you believe that you have any other face processing difficulties such as recognition of facial expressions of emotion, eye gaze direction determination, or the extraction of sex, age, attractiveness, etc from the face?
7. Do you believe that you have trouble recognizing non-facial objects such as cars, animals or places?
8. Do you believe that your navigational abilities are poor compared to others?
9. Do you think that any of your family members share your difficulties or have other neurological problems? If so, please provide their relationship to you and their difficulties.
10. Do you think that you have any other neurological problems? If yes, please describe them.
11. Is there anything else that you think is relevant to your condition?
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