Follow-up Survey

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Please indicate if any of the following applies to you.

Severe head trauma (predating your face processing difficulties)

Stroke (predating your face recognition difficulties)

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning or Anoxia (predating your face recognition difficulties)

Strabismus (Crossed eyes, wall eyes, wandering eyes)

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)


Severe myopia which went uncorrected for years


Color Blindness / Color Deficiency

Aphasia (Speech production or speech perception deficit)


Dyslexia (Reading deficit)


Asperger Syndrome


Speech Comprehension Problems (For example, central auditory processing deficit)

Severe Navigational Problems

Left-Right Confusion

Learning Disabilities

Motor Coordination Impairments


Research Participation

Would you be willing to have your recognition abilities assessed over the internet?

Would you be willing to have your recognition abilities assessed in your hometown?

Would you be willing to travel to one of our labs to be tested (travel expenses paid)?

Would you be willing to participate in experiments to see if some aspects of face perception and recognition can be trained?

Perception and Cognition in Daily Life

I can remember a seven digit telephone number long enough to write it down.

I can recognize a close family member or good friend in a photograph.

I can recognize my own baggage at the airport.

I have trouble finding items in cluttered scenes.

I have trouble recognizing voices.

I treat strangers as if I know them to avoid offending people I might already know.

I find it easy to play games with children that involve pretending.

I find it hard to keep track of characters in TV shows or movies.

When trying to find an acquaintance, I have trouble if they are in a room full of people.

I find it hard to recognize someone I just met.

I notice whether faces are attractive or unattractive.

I have trouble recognizing houses I have visited.

I have trouble recognizing people when they are in uniform.

I can recognize well known actors/actresses when watching a movie.

I have found out that two acquaintances I knew were actually the same person.

I find it easy to "read between the lines" when someone is talking to me.

I notice similarities in the faces of people from the same family.

I can remember my own telephone number.

I find streets I have often traveled unfamiliar.

I can visualize the faces of family members and close friends.

I have trouble perceiving emotions from faces.

I can recognize famous celebrities in photos or on TV.

I like to collect information about categories of things (e.g. types of cars, birds, trains, plants, etc.).

I have trouble determining how old someone is from their face.

I can recognize particular cats and dogs.

I have thought that one person was actually two different people.

I avoid social situations where I may not recognize people.

I lose my way when traveling.

I try to remember non-facial information about people's appearance.

I'm more likely to identify a car from its license plate number than its overall appearance.

When I meet someone I pretend to recognize them until their identity is revealed.

I can "see" imaginary faces in objects--car fronts, rock formations, clouds.

I have great difficulty recognizing people from their voices on the telephone.

I can recognize casual acquaintances out of context.

I can recognize family members and close friends out of context.

I have trouble recognizing common fruits and vegetables.