Media Reports

Science Friday

What is face blindness?

An introductory article about prosopagnosia and research into it.

Science Daily

Inability to recognize faces linked to broader visual recognition problems

An article about research from our lab into the neural basis of developmental prosopagnosia.

The Atlantic

Living With Face Blindness

Interviews with prosopagnosics about the challenges they face in everyday life.

New Scientist

Mindscapes: The woman who can’t recognise her face

An article about a woman with prosopagnosia severe enough to impair recognition of her own face.

WCVB: Boston News

Faces: Facial Blindness

A local TV news report about two people with prosopagnosia.

New York Times

Have We Met? Tracing Face Blindness to Its Roots

An article featuring an acquired prosopagnosic and a developmental prosopagnosic as well as a discussion of the neural basis of prosopagnosia.


Why some people are 'face blind' and others 'super-recognizers'

An article about what the two extremes of the face recognition spectrum, prosopagnosics and super-recognizers, tell us about face processing.

New Yorker

The Detectives Who Never Forget a Face

An article about how the Metropolitan Police Service in London is using super recognizers to aid in police investigations.